About Contact

Contact combines 21st Century classical/experimental music with the sensibilities of rock and jazz to form a hybrid chamber ensemble that defies genres. Praised by the Globe and Mail as “thought-provoking” and “highly entertaining”, and by the New York Times as “mesmerizing” Contact has premiered works by emerging and established Canadian and international composers and has performed at venues and new music festivals around the world. Contact is dedicated to interdisciplinary collaborations, nurturing and facilitating the creation, production, presentation and engagement with new music in all contexts, forms and variations and creating outreach opportunities with Canada’s diverse communities in order to enrich people’s experience with sound. In addition to concerts, recordings and touring, Contact hosts Music From Scratch, a summer workshop for youth.



Mission Statement

Contact Contemporary Music contributes to Canada’s unique cultural identity and diversity through music.

Contact Contemporary Music fosters the creation, production and presentation of contemporary music with a strong focus on Canadian Music. Contact Contemporary Music encourages emerging and established Canadian musical artists from diverse communities in the free expression of their unique life experiences however different from those not from their particular communities.

Through public presentation, Contact Contemporary Music promotes the appreciation of new (contemporary concert) music, recognizing and representing diverse socio-cultural communities. Working with composers and performers to build lasting relationships and remounting significant works, Contact Contemporary Music strives to provide pieces with a life beyond the premiere and perpetuate a repertoire of new music.


Nick Bobas – double bass/bass
Sarah Fraser Raff – violin
Mary-Katherine Finch – cello
Wallace Halladay – saxophones
Allison Wiebe – piano
Jerry Pergolesi – percussion
Rob MacDonald – guitar



Jerry Pergolesi
Rob MacDonald


Board of Directors

Ian Adams
Glen Boomhour
David Woodward
Matthew Fava